Authentic Kachina Dolls for Sale

Kachina or Katsina dolls are special items and bring blessings to the individual who possesses one. The Hopi have taken great pride in their creation of various Kachinas and shared them with admirers throughout time. The spirit of a Kachina is related to many things from planets to crops and has been used through Native American storytelling sessions to familiarize young ones with the powers that exist. The Southwest spirit is reflected in the bright, brilliant coloring of each Kachina. These fine, quality figures are adorned with authentic materials and handcrafted to be unique. You will treasure each and every Kachina once you learn the history and relevance it has to the Native American Hopi tribe. The “People of Peace” or Hopi celebrate spirits related to almost every aspect of life and recreate these spirits in these Kachinas for sale. Don’t be fooled by imitation dolls that are not native to the Hopi or Southwest Indians. To own a Kachina doll exquisitely handcrafted by a Hopi Indian is to possess a part of the spirit of the figure you have chosen.You can carry on a traditional Hopi way of life by sharing with your children the true meaning of each one of these Kachinas much like the Hopi elders did with the children of their tribe. Some are handsomely carved by hand and embellished with feathers, leather, beads and more. The detail, coloring, materials and expressionistic styles of these figures promise to delight you for years to come and be one of those items that your family members will want passed down to them.

We back any purchase of our Kachinas for sale our 15-day money back guarantee to provide you with the opportunity to examine your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the Kachina doll to us with no questions asked. We are confident that you will be so pleased with your new authentic Kachina and that you will want to order additional dolls to expand your unique Kachina collection. Whether a few inches tall or a Kachina of a larger stature, the striking details of these dolls will be a conversation piece no matter where you display it. Artists style Kachinas for sale and if you are seeking limited edition dolls, your authentic Kachina doll will include the numbered certificate signed by the artist. This certifies this doll as a Native American Kachina collectible.

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